"...the most spectacular, deliciously curated vintage store in Portland."*

Have you ever longed for a shopping experience like you’ve seen in 1930s movies set in Paris? You know, plush interiors, chandeliers, champagne, savvy assistants—and maybe a really cute dog? Liz Gross did, and in 2001 she opened Portland’s premiere vintage clothing destination, the Xtabay. 

At the Xtabay, every gown is one-of-a-kind, and each tells a story. Whether it’s a bias-cut silk nightgown from Carole Lombard’s era, a shapely 1950s dress Marilyn Monroe could have worn, or a crisp suit from Jackie Kennedy’s 1960s, each piece is carefully selected to make a timeless addition to the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Gowns from the Xtabay have dazzled on the red carpets at Hollywood premieres, strolled country lanes in rural France, and graced soirees at the White House. Stylists, actresses, and designers make the boutique a regular stop on their travels. (Just ask Tilda Swinton where she got her mid-century earrings.) Liz and her sales assistants carefully consider your figure, coloring, lifestyle, and personality to help you choose looks you’ll love.

Xtabay Vintage has established itself as Portland's premier location for glamorous vintage clothing. Our lush and glamorous setting, as well as our affordable prices make us a must-visit in Portland for collectors and shoppers alike.

*as quoted in People Magazine by Carrie Brownstein

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